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Power outages in Greenwich are a common occurrence, and of course, they always happen at the worst times. It could happen during a typical summer storm or as a result of more severe weather events such as a hurricane or a blizzard. Extended power outages can be expensive, especially if you are relying on water pumps to keep your basement dry during a heavy storm. Installing a home standby generator is an excellent way to protect your family and your investments.

Benefits of Home Standby Generators

Your generator will become a permanent part of your home. Installed on a gravel bed or a concrete pad next to a house, a home standby generator offers numerous benefits to homeowners in and around the Greenwich area. Benefits include:

Continuing life as usual – A standby generator kicks on automatically within seconds after a power outage. With a home standby generator, all necessary home functions such as food refrigeration, lighting, air conditioning, and cooking abilities, can continue to work through the outage. You and your family can simply continue life (mostly) as usual and ride out the outage in comfort.

Enjoying peace of mind from theft – Since they are permanent fixtures, home standby generators are nearly impossible to steal compared with portable units or other temporary power solutions. In addition, thieves are less likely to attempt a break-in if the lights are on.

Maintaining safety and enjoying convenience – Do you have an elderly family member living with you that has trouble getting around or uses special equipment? Worried about yourself or another falling in the dark? With a standby generator, your lights and equipment will continue to work as long as there is fuel for the generator. You can also forget about using candles or flashlights which give off very little light and can be very dangerous.

Generator controlled by mobile device

Enjoying cost savings – The costs associated with home standby generators are much lower than those associated with other forms of backup power. The cost of replacing malfunctioning equipment during a power outage can exceed the cost of installing a standby generator. In addition, no other form of temporary power can outlast a generator’s potential for supplying power.


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